Heated Seat Pad Accessories

SKU: DRA-15-005
  • 4 Level Heat Controller
  • Rechargeable Battery with AC Plug
  • 48″ Extension Cable for Wiring Harness
  • Two Way Jack (“Y” connector)
  • Outlet Plug with 48″ Extension Cable
  • Each Sold Individually
$9.99  –  $124.99
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Product Description

We know you are enjoying the comfort and warmth of your DragonFire Heated Seat Pad but now it’s time to customize the setup to make sure it suits your needs! With everything from adjustable heat controllers to rechargeable batteries and wiring extensions, these accessory options will cover all your bases. Available individually so you can get exactly what you need, see below for each accessory and its specifics.
4 Level Heat Controller (DRA-15-0054) – The DragonFire Heated Seat Pad comes with one standard heat level. This handy controller allows you to easily and quickly control your seat pad heating requirements on the fly. This simply installs in line of the wiring harness supplied with the Heated Seat Pad. Go with level 1 or 2 for just a little warmth or go all in with level 4 to truly Feel the Heat!
Rechargeable Battery with AC Plug (DRA-15-0055) – A huge benefit of the Seat Pads is that they are easy to remove/install and fully portable for use on other applications (tractor, boat, hunting blind, etc.). The Rechargeable Battery setup will allow you to take the heat with you on the go for when you use the pad on other applications beyond your Side-X-Side. Charge it up and make your seat pad portable but still hot in any situation!
48″ Extension Cable for Wiring Harness (DRA-15-0056) – The DragonFire Heated Seat Pad comes with a standard wiring harness that allow you to easily wire and get power from your vehicles battery. However, some applications and Crew cab vehicles may require some additional length to get your wiring job done the right way. If that is the case, this is the answer for you. A simple 48″ extension that plugs inline with you existing wiring harness.
Two Way Jack (“Y” connector) (DRA-15-0057) – Need to wire more than just 1 Heated Seat Pad? This is the quick and easy setup for you! Simply plug this Two Way Jack into your wiring harness and expand your Heated Seat Pad power from 1 to 2. Its as easy as that!
Outlet Plug with 48″ Extension Cable (DRA-15-0058) – This simple setup will allow you to power the heater in your seat pad by plugging the wiring harness directly into a 12v outlet. If you don’t want to mess with wiring to your battery or want to have quick access to you heat power look no further, this is what you need. Its our 48″ extension cable with an outlet plug wired into the end.
*Note: The first image shown in listing is a grouped image of all Heated Seat Pad Accessories together. The accessory images 2-6 are in order as described above and show actual contents of each part number.*

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