Arctic Cat- Prowler, Polaris -RZR and Yamaha -Rhino Billet Aluminum Suspension Systems.

ATVonics has released our Solid Billet Aluminum long-travel suspension systems for Arctic Cat Prowlers, Polaris RZRís and Yamaha Rhinoís .

Our suspension system is CNC machined from solid 6061 Billet Aluminum for superior strength and lightest wheel weight A-Armís. We use Delrin A-arm bushings and serviceable ĺ inch Uniballís at the wheel joint. This is the same technology that off-road racing trucks are using. Not only are Uniballs stronger than Heims but they also offer more articulation angle.

This suspension system gives you a true 14inches of wheel travel with stock length shocks. The Prowlers are 4 inches wider at each spindle, the RZRís and Rhinoís are 6 inches wider at each spindle for maximum stability and handling.

The A-Arms can be anodized to any color and can accept most any shock combination of your choice: King, Elka, Walker, Fox and even your stock shocks if you want to use them for awhile.

Arctic Cat Prowlers get all new super strong huge journal custom half shaft replacement axles while RZRís and Rhinoís can get new longer axles or new optional super strong custom replacement half shafts as well. Not only are they awesome looking but they are light weight and super strong for off-road abuse. Kitís comes complete with all hardware and parts.

Rhino and RZR systems start at $ 5400 Prowler systems start at $ 6300 with new complete custom half-shaft axle assemblies.

  • Completely bolt on kit

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